The Summer Artmobile Program

This summer, The Artmobile provided mobile arts making experiences and education in Franklinton and Hilltop, giving neighborhood youth more opportunities to explore the multifaceted world of art. We knew vital to the success and sustainability of the program it was important to build relationships and garner neighborhood engagement and support from businesses, organizations, government, residents, schools, Rec and Park, community centers and libraries. We attended neighborhood events, civic meetings and nonprofit collaborative meetings creating awareness about the program and gain support of the program.


Program Goal

Enrich the lives of 400 youth ages 7-11 living in Franklinton and Hilltop.

We beat our goal with 450 youth served!

Summer Program Details

Summer Program Neighborhoods: Hilltop and Franklinton

Timing: July 10th-Aug. 21th

Capacity: Up to 20 participants

Project Length: 2 hour session with a project time of 1 hour and 15 minutes

Days of Week: Monday-Thursday

Times: 9-11:30am and 3pm-5:30pm per day


Our Summer Program Numbers Are Impressive


We enriched the lives of 450 art fans with creative and innovative art making experiences in Hilltop and Franklinton.


We had 5 amazing locations that partnered with us.

There were 10 art making activities from the curriculum.
Attended 5 neighborhood events and engaged 423 residents in decorating sunglasses and visors.

90% of Art Fans that attended program said they had fun, want to come back and learned something new.


We Distributed over 325 pieces of fresh fruit and 400 small bottles of water


32% of Art Fans came more than once to art making sessions