The Program Curriculum

While schools is out, it's important that Artmobile programming isn't "like school", it will include program "standards" similar to school based learning designed as learning objectives. These artistic goals are based on a 21st century skills inspired by findings and research.

The professionally developed and exclusively designed curriculum for the artmobile program, encompass foundational skills that are practical and well supported by arts education. 21st century skills: Creativity and Innovation, Literacy, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Social and Cross Cultural Skills Communication. We know youth engaged in the arts can help students in various ways: as a vehicle for self-expression, acquiring skills, building self-esteem, developing focus and teamwork.

Sessions include (but not limited to) model making, mapping, collage, painting, drawing, literacy and   environmental free play with materials, and open-ended classes for exploration. It is a place where youth can explore a particular medium or idea in a relaxed, safe, non-threatening, non-judgmental environment.