The ArtMobile Program

The ArtMobile is a free art program providing convenient access and exposure to the arts. The pilot session will take place in the Hilltop and Franklinton neighborhoods during the summer break. We will provide sessions twice a day; morning and early afternoon in each neighborhood. The ArtMobile will secure the services of professional artists with experience in curriculum design and visual art content. Employing professional artists is a crucial component to the quality of the artistic experience and in ensuring programming is on par with that being offered in other venues such as after school programs or through arts and culture organizations. 



Discover the neighborhood


Create Maps and Portraits of the Community


Share these creations and discoveries with the community


Activity Proposals

We can use the map-making, portraits, 3D structures and found stuff for collage Another one is gifts for the community: Hiding creatures in plane site. Where we create creatures and hide them for the public to discover.

We can expand this concept by looking at the local history and folklore of the neighborhood. We can create three dimensional characters utilizing the supplies. We can ask questions such as what creatures/characters would inhabit these locations? All of it based upon our imagination.

We can infest the neighborhoods with our creatures and characters by leaving them near certain landmarks/hiding them in plain sight—"portable graffiti." We will do "pop-up" creature shops. We can use rocks, cardboard and wood to paint our creatures/characters and we can place them in sanctioned locations for our pop-up. We can base them (creatures/characters) on the seasons or holidays—basing them upon our maps and local mythology.

Activities for the Program

Build neighborhood landmarks/structures out of popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners.

Activities for 1 Day Festivals

Jewelry making, decorating masks, face painting, creating 3D structures, puppets.