What will they learn?


Teach Art Techniques

Utilizing mixed media that include bamboo brushes, molding compounds, wire, oil pastels and more, youth will experiment with color, form, line, shape, texture and value.

Build Brain Power

The curriculum is designed to build cognitive skills, including concept development, problem solving, critical thinking, fine motor skills, as well as language, history, math and other skills that contribute to success in school.

Encourage Self Expression and Build Confidence

Through experimentation and creating new works of art, youth will be taught to tap into their own imaginations and express their own, original ideas building both their creativity and their confidence.

Explore Art Forms and Styles

The Artmobile allows students to explore a wide variety of art forms, including painting, sculpture, sketching, collage, paper and fabric art, mosaics and anime while learning about and practicing different techniques and styles ranging from Pop Art and Cubism to Abstract Expressionism.