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A mobile art studio that brings high quality after school programming directly to the heart of any neighborhood.



Engagement in the arts can help our youth in various ways: as a vehicle for self-expression, acquiring skills, building self-esteem, developing focus and teamwork. Unfortunately, with the decline of arts education and funding in public schools and lack of access to arts programming, few urban, low-income young people have high-quality, engaging and educational art experiences at school or in neighborhoods.





Acquiring Skills


Building Self-Esteem


Developing Focus


Promoting Teamwork


What We Do

Deliver a High-Quality Mobile Arts Program

The Artmobile Program is a mobile arts program providing access and exposure to the arts and artmaking experiences where there is currently limited access.  The Artmobile Program employs professional artists and art educators with experience in curriculum design and visual art content. Having professional artists is a key component of the quality of the youth’s artistic experiences.


How We Do It


Our Original Curriculum

Our unique approach and professionally developed curriculum engage youth in inventive, age-appropriate projects taught by an artist and art educator.  The comprehensive curriculum simultaneously develops artistic skills and skills needed to be successful in today’s 21st century workplace, such as: innovation, literacy, critical thinking, problem solving, and social and cross-cultural communication skills. The intent of the curriculum is to increase pride in the neighborhood by focusing on celebrating cultural diversity and history of the neighborhood.


Innovative Artmaking Space

The Artmobile is uniquely transportable, making it well-equipped to provide artmaking experiences in any neighborhood setting.  Locations will be wheelchair accessible and within walking distance of a bus route.  Our team can set up inside at a location or outside in a sturdy, pop-up tent with two folding tables, chairs, and an artist portable table. We bring it all!


Neighborhood Involvement

Creating awareness about the program and building grassroots relationships with neighborhood businesses, organizations, government, residents, schools, community centers, and libraries is vital to the success and sustainability of the program. The Artmobile brings artmaking experiences to various neighborhood art events. To that end, The Artmobile team attended neighborhood events, civic meetings and nonprofit collaborative meetings creating awareness and gain support of the program.

The Artmobile brings art making experiences to various
neighborhood art events!

Program Development & Growth

Evaluation is an important component of The Artmobile Program’s continuous improvement efforts. We use a mixed-method evaluation designed to assess the effectiveness and impact of the program. The documentation includes attendance sheets, participant survey forms, video, pictures, other feedback gathered from participant groups, and anecdotal responses documented during sessions.

Consistent and Convenient Schedule

The Artmobile Program is an after school mobile arts program that is scheduled for the same day and time at the pre-selected location for the agreed to timing of agreement.



Make The Artmobile Program your Art Program All Year Long

Bring The Artmobile Program Mobile Art program to your agency, community center, charter school or the library for a unique, after school, mobile arts experience.


The Summer Program


Summer Program Partners


Why We Do It

Art is more important than ever

Research Supports The Arts + Neighborhoods Need The Arts


Lack of Access

The program is directed toward youth ages 7-11 living in urban low income neighborhoods where there is high unemployment, transportation limitations, lack of health coverage, or access to nutritious food. Oftentimes, non-profits cannot service these youth because of distance, but by being mobile, The Artmobile can fill this void making art services accessible where young people live and gather.

Cuts in Art Funding in City Schools

Results in many youth growing up without hands-on experience and access to the arts and an for the far-reaching influence it can have upon their lives as a vehicle for self-expression, critical thinking and teamwork.


Neighborhood Revitalization

The presence of the arts in neighborhoods promotes economic development, increases sense of identity and self-efficacy, builds social capital, promotes cultural diversity, and reduces crime and delinquency. Because our mobile program brings the arts directly to youth, possibilities of positive impact on the distressed neighborhoods are endless.



Why Choose The Artmobile Program
as Your Art Program All Year Long


The Benefits of Art Involvement

The arts are essential. Research has shown impressive benefits of arts education on entire school culture—especially student motivation, attitudes, and attendance. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, students in high poverty schools are more than twice as likely to have no access to the arts. Numerous reports discuss the ways that increased access and involvement in arts education encourage students to stay in school, setting them up for later success in their careers.

What You Can Expect From Each Session:

  • Support and encouragement from The Artmobile team

  • Creative and safe artmaking space inside location or outside with tent, tables, and chairs

  • All high-quality art supplies and materials

  • Professionally developed curriculum

  • Art instruction and education

  • Healthy snack and water

  • Set-up and clean-up


Youth Involved in The Artmobile Program Will…


Practice Techniques

Youth experiment with line, color, form, shape, texture, and value by creating projects such as drawing self-portraits, mapping, making graffiti signs, building 3-D structures, creating puzzles, and collaborating on group projects.


Build Brain Power

The curriculum challenges youth to think critically about themselves, their projects, and their neighborhoods. This type of thinking builds cognitive skills that contribute to success: concept development, problem solving, and motor skills development.


Develop Confidence

Youth tap into their imaginations to express their own ideas as they experiment and create unique artworks. Self-expression leads to self-discovery and builds confidence to share their ideas and pursue a career in the arts.


Program Details

Timing: September – May (After School or During the Day)

Capacity: Up to 20 participants

Session Length: 1 1/2 hours 

Days of Week: Monday-Thursday

Available Times: 3:30pm-5:00pm or 5:30pm-7:00pm




If you are interested in The Artmobile Program becoming an addition to your after school arts programming please contact Tobi Furman: tobi@cbusartmobile or call 614-338-6446.


The Artmobile Shuttle Bus

Small-Buses-sideview-NewLogo (003).jpg

We are currently fundraising at Gofundme so we can purchase a used or retired shuttle bus that seats 20-22 passengers with an interior which can be retrofitted to become a mobile art studio that allows youth to explore, create and develop their own original project ideas inside the bus. The shuttle bus will be equipped with storage, ADA compliance, seating, heat, A/C, lighting, storage and electricity to maximize the experience.


Who We Are



Enrich the lives of youth by bringing a high quality, hands-on, culturally rich, after school, mobile arts programming into the heart of any neighborhood.


All children should have access and the opportunity to benefit from mobile arts programming no matter where they live.



Our Team

The program is staffed with caring art professionals who love the community, loves art and want to make a difference. The team: art educator, professional artist and program director to ensure high quality programming. Having professional artists are a key component to the quality of the artistic experience. 


Tobi Furman

  Hannah Westhoven  ARTIST & INSTRUCTOR

Hannah Westhoven ARTIST & INSTRUCTOR

Become an Art Fan

Your donation is more than just money. It says that you value the arts in Columbus. Every contribution is critical to bring high quality, hands-on arts and education after school program into the heart of any neighborhood. Donations are tax deductible.


You can make a donation by clicking on the gofundme link or mail a check payable to Community Shares of Mid Ohio, 1699 Mound Street, Columbus, Oh 43215. Please put The Artmobile in the memo line.

Thank you for joining our community of art fans. Your support makes our work possible.






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